Friday, September 18, 2009

Body shimmer!

I really like body shimmer products. My best friend loves them for when she is belly dancing, and I think they add a little sparkle to an otherwise boring day. You can make this in any colour you's my version of gold and silver.

Try this body shimmer for Hallowe'en - in extreme colours - or Christmas for a bit of extra sparkle. This is a great project for girls and teens to introduce them to the world of mineral make-up. Or make some up as a present (hey, Christmas is only three months away!)

What are our goals for this product?

Translucency: We aren't trying to cover anything up and we want the sparkle to show through, so translucency is the key here.
Shiny-ness: We want sparkle, so we're going to use micas here and fillers that offer some sparkle.
Silkiness: If you're putting something all over your body, you want something that feels lovely going on and feels lovely staying on.

FOR A LOT OF BASE...You'll want 4.6 grams to fit into a larger sifter container or about 1 gram to fit into a smaller sifter container, but feel free to make smaller amounts with a 7 grams Micronaspheres to 5 grams Dry-flo ratio. This recipe should make somewhere around 6 containers - the smaller amount makes about 3 containers.

14 grams Micronaspheres or treated sericite mica
10 grams Dry-flo
0.3 grams honey or vanilla powder (optional)

*The honey or vanilla powder is a humectant and it tastes nice.

Mix together in a very large bag (not suitable for a grinder with the Micronsaspheres, but okay with the treated sericite mica) until blended well.

Gold shimmer: To 0.5 grams of base, you'll want to add 1 scoop oriental beige mica, 1 scoop sparkle gold (0.15 cc each). To make a full sifter container, you'll want to use 4.0 grams of base to 1/4 tsp oriental beige mica, 1/4 tsp sparkle gold mica.

Silver shimmer: 4 scoops sunpearl silver mica or any other silver, 1 scoop black satin mica. Or 4 cc sunpearl silver mica to 1 cc black satin mica. Add at 1/2 tsp to 4 grams of base.

You can add any micas you want to this at about the same ratio. Mix together your micas until you achieve the colour you want, then add 1/2 tsp to about 4 grams of base.

This also makes a nice sheen eye shadow.

PARADISE EYE SHADOW (as seen in the picture above and in the pressing powders experiments)
Mix together your gold dust shimmer base as above.
1/2 tsp gold shimmer
2 scoops paradise sand mica
1 scoop yellow iron oxide

Blend well in a bag. Put into container. Rejoice!


Jillian said...

Hi Susan! This is great. Do you think you can devise a recipe for a body shimmer lotion/butter? I've tried a few times by basically adding gold mica to lotions and it never looks good on (can't really see the gold and the lotion seems to need to be more liquid/gel-like). I want the lotion and the gold mica to basically become one (a gold lotion, subtle shimmer, as opposed to a lotion with glitter in it). Does that make sense? Thank you!

Sharon Fears said...

Good morning my name is Sharon and I have been reviewing your site and have tried several recipes that I love love love. I have also found that I have increased my ingredient list due to the great educational information that you provide on this site. This has turned into my go to site for everything. Thank you so much. I do have a question. I have tried your mineral makeup and also you dry oils spray recipes and I love them both, but I would like to combine them and make a shimmering dry body oil spray. Would you have any suggestions. Thanks

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Jillian. Sorry for the late response - I must have missed this in my really busy phase this year. I've never tried making a lotion with micas in it as I don't really like the look, so I'm only offering some theory here. You could take a light lotion recipe - something like a moisturizer -and add some mica to it, and see if you like that. If you don't, then I would encourage you to use something like the body shimmer recipe with the extra sericite mica or other fillers in it and see if that helps. Let me know if you try that and we can tweak it further.

Also, why not make a gel and add the mica to it? I have loads of gel recipes on the blog!

Hi Sharon. Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it. Please offer feedback on the recipes you've tried so others can see how it turns out!

As for the dry oil spray, have you tried making a small batch of something - let's say 50 grams - and adding mica to it? Again, I am not a fan of these type of products, so I've never tried them, but that might be an idea? Try it and let me know what you see! We can make more tweaks if you can experiment with it.