Monday, September 7, 2009

Mineral make-up: Where to get supplies (a very short list)

I am asked frequently where I get my supplies for mineral make-up, so here's a short list of my favourite suppliers.

If you have your own favourite suppliers, feel free to link them in the comments section, but please give us a little information about what you like so much (I'm not a fan of advertising, so a review is essential!)

My suggestions are mostly local to me, so I only have suggestions for Canada and America. Please include any overseas locations in the comments!

If you want some idea of my suggestions for what supplies you might want to have for mineral make-up creation, please check out this post for some ideas!


Suds & Scents: Tanna is awesome and she carries a wide selection of really lovely micas. I get my treated sericite mica, spoons, containers, and more from her.

Voyageur Soap & Candle: Love this store. Great micas, great iron oxides, containers, scoops, and more more more! Excellent shop!

Aquarius Aroma & Soap: Monica has started carrying some interesting fillers, and I'm happy because I get to experiment with bismuth oxychloride, magnesium stearate, calcium carbonate, and boron nitride! The little 1 cc spoons are available here, too. Check out the micas and iron oxides. Karen doesn't have much in, but what she has is awesome and the prices can't be beaten by anyone in Canada! I love her creamsicle iron oxide and the burgundy is a staple now in my kit! Oh, I see she is carrying orange now! Great selection of iron oxides.


Brambleberry: Anne-Marie is incredible! Great selection of micas and fillers, lovely containers. And her shop, Otion, in Bellingham is worth a stop on your way to Seattle!

TKB Trading: Love the selection of micas here - the best I've found - and the pop micas are worth an investment! Tons of fillers and containers to choose could spend your paycheque here easily.

I know there are other shops out there - share your suggestions in the comments!


Jelena said...

I also live in Canada, but I buy my mineral makeup ingredients from an american company called Coastal Scents.
BTW, coastal scents has some really nice brushes and their prices are unbeatable!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Thanks for the information, Jelena! How did you find the shipping costs to Canada? And did you have any troubles with the border and such - duties, taxes, etc.? What company do they use to ship? I know UPS can hit you a few weeks later with brokerage charges you didn't expect.

Jelena said...

The shipping is really not expensive - last time I paid only $5.01. :) You can see the shipping charges by adding items to your cart.
They offer several options for shipping to Canada, I always choose USPS First Class Mail International, it takes about 7-9 days for a parcel to arrive. I never use UPS for anything anymore. ;)

I believe you don't have to pay duties if your order is under $50. At least, I've never had to pay duties or taxes...

Emily said...

I'm in the US. I really like The Conservatorie, Coastal Scents, and TKB trading. Conservatorie has the hugest selection, TKB has the largest samples, and Coastal Scents has the best prices on base supplies.

tr3kkie9rl said...

I'd like to point out that you can also get certain things (clay powders, iron oxides, and both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) from ceramic/pottery suppliers. There are two great things about this: 1 - it's significantly cheaper, 2 - the materials will be more pure than what you could get anywhere else. The FDA allows cosmetic grade products to contain up to 30% contaminants. In pottery the standards are much higher as it is a very exact and meticulous process. Clay and oxides used in pottery must be as pure as possible to avoid cracking, and to ensure a smooth consistent product that won't warp during the firing process. I haven't found things like sericite or mica pigments anywhere else cheaper yet, but I am still searching!

Anonymous said...

If you live in Europe you can now buy all the ingredients to make your own mineral makeup at:
All their products are free from dyes FD&C, D&C, Lakes and Carmine.
Also there is lots of free info about mineral makeup and how to make your own.

Puri said...

what if you live in asia? it's so difficult to find mineral make up ingedients or essential oils supplier in here.. because if i buy from as store,the shipping costs is ridiculous sometimes.. :(

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Puri! I have a very short list of suppliers to Asia, which can be found here. Please add any that you think readers from Asia might like to know about!