Sunday, July 19, 2015

What's your favourite thing?

As you may have noticed, I've started a series about my favourite ingredients last week, and I thought I'd ask you what you like! What's your favourite ingredient? Do you have a preferred product in which you like to use it? If it's a not-so-common ingredient, could you include a link to it in your comment? I'd love to do more research and create some recipes for those ingredients you love!

In case you're wondering, these are mini cupcakes from the store, Cupcakes, which can be found all over the Lower Mainland, B.C. We finally have one in the Fraser Valley at High Street, and Raymond treated to our family a dozen! If you're in Abbotsford, also check out Tracycakes, which is also awesome. (I think I prefer Tracycakes. They do a cupcake high tea, which is incredible!) 


marjolein said...

my fav is dimethicone because its so versatile, its nice barrier, its nice in hairproducts too and i like the detackifying properties as well

Susanna Originals said...

My fave is Neem carrier oil. I use it in everything I make, from my anti-aging face cream to hand cream to bug spray! It is supposed to have healing properties and it's rich in fatty acids. You have to get past the funky smell, so you either have to love it or mask it. After reading all the information about how oils don't really penetrate the skin, I wondered if I was fooling myself into thinking how well it worked, but my skin peels and cracks if it even looks at soap, and the hand lotion with the neem keeps it under control. So I don't care if it's a placebo effect or not, my brain can't do without it. Although, I just invested in a little bottle of Andiroba...I couldn't afford to use the Andiroba as liberally as I use the Neem, but I rubbed some straight on a deep cut last night and it's healed right over this morning. I might have a new love.

DAnaya said...

I like lanolin, it feels so good and I like to see it in lotions, creams and I would like to see what other formulas it could be used in... its a wonderful product.

Bonnie / Bonnie in SJ said...

Seconding dimethicone! It seriously elevated my lotion game when I first started using it.

I love how it leaves a substantial occlusive feeling on my hands and body, without feeling like it is greasy or going to rub off pn anything. I know individual skin chemistry differs, but for me, it is the holy grail. Friends and lotion recipients seem to like it too. And it behaves well in lotions; it has not been tricky or a runiner of batches in my experience. And cheap! And a little goes a long way!

My first use was in an homage to The Body Shop's hemp hand protector. Life-changing.

Three cheers for dimethicone!

- Bonnie

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

I love love love dimethicone! Look for the post on that next week!

I can't stand neem. I can't get past the smell. I know it's supposed to do all these wonderful things, but the smell is terrible. I can't even fragrance it away! Sorry, but I just don't do earthy things.

Lanolin is on my list. I have had so little time in the workshp in the last year, it seems like my to-do list is getting longer! But I will get there!

Nataša Simonič said...

Aristoflex avc has a great skin performance and it is stable in wide pH range (3-8), definitely one of my fave polymers. Another one, which is great and it also has amazing skin performance and even strong emulsify properties - cosmedia sp - (sodium polyacrylate).

Jane said...

I agree with Natasa - aristoflex AVC is definitely up there in my list of favourites. It has a great skin feel and emulsifies up to 10% oil on it's own. 1.5% gives a nice thick non-sticky, non-slimy gel cream. It's very popular among the likes of Dior, Chanel, Clinique but unfortunately isn't available to homecrafters (yet) in small amounts.

Shawn said...

I have a new love...Macadamia Butter. I've been using it in my cream for oily skin. It gives such a nice, light, unctuous creamy texture, that I've replaced my mango butter (which I never really loved) with it. It's not as greasy as shea butter, but still it's good to slather on your hands as an overnight treatment.

Bamboo Bioferment. I love it because it gives the same skin feel as silicone and is white, so it doesn't dis-colour my cream.

Baby Kat said...

I love rosewater. I use it in lotions, perfumes and soaps. Now that I have read so many comments about dimethicone, I really want to start working with it. I also love this blog btw! I'm a newbie at this and I find myself coming here whenever I have questions about formulations.

Paige B said...

This is really hard to answer! There are so many things I love. Plus I'm totally guilty of loading up my products with all kinds of cosmeceuticals and exotic oils. So, a little list..

Green tea extract - I include it in almost everything! WS, OS, powder, I have every kind
Bioferments - I use sea kelp in all my moisturizers, and recently got Tonka bean and bamboo
BTMS - Of course it's in my conditioner, but I love how it makes lotions drier feeling
Fruit and citrus fragrance oils - my current favourites are kumquat and one called Island Escape that smells like juicy fruit gum
Taurate SMC and SCI - so gentle and moisturizing
Lavender essential oil - a real panacea. I have never been someone who likes floral scents, and lavender was never something I was drawn to, but since I started using it in products I've grown to love the scent as well as the properties it brings to the table.

OMG I have so many great ingredients! I think I have a problem...

In terms of favourite products I make, I love love love my daytime CC cream. Moisturizer with just a bit of coverage and filled with ingredients that may help protect against or repair sun damage. I also really like my shower moisture, which is basically the emulsified scrub (with some modifications) without scrubbies. I love making lotions and body butters, but find I don't actually use them much because I hate the extra step after the shower. The SM works so well and I just use it at the end of my shower. I make body wash and SM in matching fragrances.

I could list so many things here if I got going!

Anonymous said...

I third the aristoflex avc! It is most simply the best cold process emulsifier I have ever used. It is a functional ingredient but gives such a sophisticated feel to your product. Hate that it isn't available easily to the homecrafters..!eeting

Sânziene şi Mătrăgună said...

1. silicones and esters - the lovely non greasy stuff!
2. aristoflex - lovely and sophisticated indeed, at low levels.
3. carbopol ultrez 21 - one of my newest loves. excellent gelling power, self wetting, can tolerate some electrolites
4. behentrimonium chloride + CETAC. hair bliss. oh, and cones too
5. salicylic acid for my pores
6. retinol, pure form. a hell to work with, awesome in antiaging!!
7. I recently discovered sodium polyacrylate starch. great gelling agent for water, soft powdery finish!!! <3

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Where do you get aristoflex from? It sounds interesting!

Hi Shawn! I just got some macadamia nut butter from the Formulator Sample Shop! Do you find, though, the bamboo bioferment doesn't get rid of the soaping effect like dimethicone?

As a short note, please please please put your name on your comment. I delete anything without a name!

Susan Barclay-Nichols said...

Hi Baby Kat! What do you like about rose water? I quite like it, too!

Nah, Paige! You don't have a problem! If you did, then I'd have one, too...and I know I don't! :-)

Hi Sanziene! Tell me more about the sodium polyacrylate starch! Where do you get it? What do you use it in?

Sânziene şi Mătrăgună said...

Hey Susan! I have it from Italy. It should give a mousse - gel like consistency.

It is quite expensive, I only bought some 10g. And I used it together with Aristoflex AVC. So I am not 100% sure how it behaves on its own.

The combo though was awesome!!!! The emulsion I made is really a compact mousse, matte, silky, sinks in in an instant, I cannot even feel the 'burden' of 80% water in the gel!

Vidyut said...

Coconut oil. Inexpensive, fantastic for skin and health. I use it for almost everything.

Neem oil. The smell is funky indeed, but how my skin feels after using it has helped me learn to adore it. Downside, it doesn't do so well in the sun. Best use would probably be to just slather it on before sleeping on a day you have a cold (assuming you sleep alone or whoever sleeps with you has a cold too), I guess, till you learn to love it.

Manjishtha powder (madder?). I just love the color it gives soap.

Various clays - to use in soap. For someone who makes soaps and stuff, I don't actually use many products myself. The feeling lots of clay gives my soaps.... I probably enjoy it more than a face pack itself.

And my new love, Panthenol. I think the near future will see Panthenol in EVERYTHING.

Essential oils: vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, tulsi (holy basil), musk, lavender. For some reason I haven't got around to liking the seemingly mandatory rose. I don't dislike it, but it hasn't yet hopped to my mind for "oh, what scent do I want to smell of all day?" like these do. If there were a way to do permanent fragrance bonding or something, I'd do vetiver.