Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekend Wonderings: Condensation in bottles, and filling them!

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday. Sorry I haven't been around much lately, but I've finally had a chance to sit down and read the comments.  I've really enjoyed reading your questions and suggsestions, and I'm getting through them one by one. I continue to ask your patience as I'm still in October, but I'll be current soon enough. Again, I thank you all for your kindness and support during this horrible time in our lives.

In this post, Bunni asks a question and makes a great suggestion! I have a question and a suggestion, for whenever you get around to them. First regarding condensation. If the bottle had condensation and you gave it a good shake, wouldn't the condensation liquid become part of the preserved lotion or is that not enough mixing for it to work? 

One of the reasons we don't bottle our products when they're warm is to avoid condensation in the bottle because that evaporated water isn't preserved and can collect in the lid of the bottle leading to serious grossness and contamination. To answer your question - I think it depends on the bottle. If you have a screw on or disc cap, it'll could be okay as it doesn't have a ton of parts in which the water could hide. For a mister, pump, or foamer bottle top that's another story, as the water could get into the mechanisms and stay there.

If I had to give a short, one sentence answer to this I'd say that I wouldn't take the chance on using a bottle cap in which I'd found condensation. Better to use a different cap and be safe.

Bunni makes a great suggestion about filling our bottles!
The suggestion, unless you've found a better way by now, is in regard to filling bottles. I bought a six pack of 32 ounce (1 litre), wide-mouth, squeeze bottles with yorker caps. When my lotion is cooled I put it in those and store them upside down (on a wire rack). They make it very easy to fill bottles because they are so squeezable. The lotion shoots to the bottom of the bottle being filled, even if it is pretty thick. There is a bit of waste and it does slow me down right at the end - getting the last bits out - but it is a great improvement over anything else I have tried. I hope that is helpful. 

That is very helpful! Thanks, Bunni! I tend to make smaller batches, and I find using piping bags work great for me, but I'm going to get some of these bottles use them for storing extra lotion for filling later.

Just curious - how do you find them for washing or re-using them?



I find my lotions turn out waaay better looking when I put them in their container after they cooled off than when I pour them in while still liquidy enough to pour. Maybe it's just me but everytime I pour it warm my lotion looks almost curded or full of air pockets or something. When i let it cool completely in my pyrex before putting in containers it looks more like a lotion consistency. I know it is so much easier to pour it warm and leave lids off but for me it never works and I always wonder about the unreserved condensation that seems to get trapped under the curve of the bottles. So I cool it then put in a zip lock baggie and slowly pull the corner so it stretches into some kind of funnel looking end then snip the very end of that. It works to shoot the product all to the bottom of your container. And to get every last drop from the baggie I use a ruler and push all the lotion to the corner. I've gotten good at it so you can't even tell I've used the baggie it leave nothing behind using the ruler

Bunni Lennon said...

They are pretty easy to clean due to the wide mouth and you can also get a skinny spatula into them to scrape more than I thought was possible. I fill them with soapy water, shake a bunch, use a bottle brush and then run them through the dishwasher. They have survived quite a few dishwashings with no signs of melt or wear.

I was so glad to have an idea you could use. I have gotten so much from you! Thank you!


Lynn Berube said...

I have had a lot of success just filling a plastic sandwich bag and then cutting off a tip, then I can just throw the bag in the garbage:)